Passion Flower and Anxiety

Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

Passion Flower and Anxiety

passion flower and anxietySomeone once said, "Anxiety is the rust of life, destroying its brightness and weakening its power". Yes, living with worry and stress is no way to exist. Read on to learn more about "Passion Flower" and anxiety.

Passion Flower and anxiety are two terms that are often inextricably linked. In the Americas, even before Europeans arrived, the Native Americans used passion flower infusion to brew tea that was prescribed for hysteria, insomnia, epilepsy, and pain relief. European immigrants adopted and continued this practice. In more modern times, drug manufacturers often use the Passion Flower as an ingredient because of its various beneficial properties.

What Makes it Effective?

Passion Flowers are a natural source of MAOIs. Short for Monoamine oxidase inhibitors, MAOIs basically help prevent huge spikes in a person's mood. As a treatment for depression, chemical MAOIs are generally considered a last resort because the chemical carriers often react poorly with an individual's digestive system. Naturally occurring MAOIs on the other hand, are in both safer concentrations and of a chemical composition the body can readily accept. While some headway is being made by drug manufacturers to find alternative dosing methods to ingestion, those who need the MAOIs without dealing with harsh side effects are continuing to turn to natural sources.

Why is Anxiety Bad?

Think of a person's mood as a series of hills and valleys. Normally, excitement and a good mood creates the hills, while sadness and bad moods create the valleys. For the average person, these transitions from peak to valley are a smooth transition with a gentle slope. Those who suffer from anxiety have brain chemistry that causes their peaks to occur more suddenly for less cause, and to maintain the peak longer. This is why many years ago, the condition was called hysteria or mania.

For those who suffer from Anxiety, their bodies spend more time in the "Fight or Flight" state than the average person. In addition to the mental stress of feeling anxious without cause, this places great stress on the body. During the fight or flight state, the body shuts down functions that require a calm, leisurely mood - like sleep and digestion. Having anxiety is like going through life on constant "Red Alert". The stress of the condition combined with its interference with absorbing nutrition and resting take a devastating toll on a person.

How does Passion Flower help?

In layman's terms, it makes a person more likely to stay at the neutral, calm point. Sudden rises in excitement and drops to depression are buffered. While many antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs from pharmaceutical companies do work similarly, they tend to create an emotional wall. Most people who refuse to take such drugs do so because they feel that they have no emotions while under the drug's influence. Unlike these drugs, Passion Flower does not create an environment where the user cannot feel, it just acts as an emotional shock absorber, preventing sudden mood changes and allowing a person to return to "normal" more quickly when a mood change occurs.

Anyone who has studied time proven natural remedies understands exactly why Passion Flower and anxiety are so often brought up in the same sentence.

Our Recommended Passion Flower Extract Supplements

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